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Eeyore Has Found A new HOME

Over the last week or so I have been trying to find what is right to do with Eeyore Token. Real life has been very busy of late and time has been limited. I want to do what is best for holders, so with that said we have decided to migrate Eeyore token holders to Last Man Giving. Last Man Giving is a reflection token that was launched on the BSC in Jan of 2023. It reflects in XRP and gives to mission needs. So what better place then Eeyore migrating to a Missions token. Holders will get nice rewards in XRP. The neat thing about LMG is it has a duel LP. It has both Binance wrapped XRP and BNB. The token can be bought with either coin.

So for Eeyore that is not the end. We will continue to honor its memory by supporting a mission called "All Gods Children." This supports adoption. Eeyore was created in a child's memory, with our support we can make new memories for other children.

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